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Templates, Background Theme Sets, Graphics:
Be sure to visit our site often, as we are adding new Theme Sets on a very regular basis, along with many other assorted graphics.


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Templates, Background Sets, Graphics

Welcome!  At Christian Graphics we have many templates and theme sets to offer in such categories as christian, business, floral, victorian, angels, children and more. Join our Member's Discount and get all of our Templates and Theme Sets FREE! Just pay an initial one-time fee of $7.95.

In addition, we offer many FREE Graphic Accesories:

Seamless background tiles, both textured, patterned and muted

Variety of Side-bordered background graphics for your website pages

Buttons, Scripture Cards, and dividers, along with other web page accents

Animations --snow globes, page floaters, mouseover buttons and cursor trails

Calling Cards for Guestbooks and Invitations, and also Email Stationery

Why do you need our Theme Sets and Templates?

Our Theme Sets and other graphics are designed to give your website a more uniform and inviting appearance. We strive to be able to do this at the lowest cost possible for our visitors. If you begin with a "theme" which has a main graphic, matching coordinated buttons, dividers and background tiles, this sets the mood for your visitors.

As an example, look at our Piano Lessons Theme Set. Now if you have a page or a site that revolves around music, having a Music Theme on your pages keeps the minds of your Visitors on that topic. Not only that but the uniform appearance of your pages gives your viewers a very positive impression. We strive to create Sets that are unique looking... that do not look like everyone else's on the internet.

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Having a Template makes it so much easier to beautify your website in minutes! Your page is pre-made for you and all you have to do is fill in your own information. Web Designers love them because of the ease of use and it also makes it easy for their clients to just simply pick out what design they would like to have on their site. And those who are designing their sites on their own love them because they don't have to pay a web designer to create their website for them, since using these templates is so easy. Convenience, affordable price, and ease of use are three of the many reasons that make purchasing our Theme Sets and Templates a good choice.

In addition, you can buy one or two Sets for a couple of dollars each or else get a Membership for only $7.95 and be able to use every Set on our site! Thank you, and please visit us often.

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